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Table of Contents

1. General

Currently logistics operations are done from Monday to Friday.  The purpose of the project is to launch a new additional parcel machine service that will guarantee delivery to an automatic parcel machine on Saturdays and Sundays.


  • the shipment will have not been forwarded
  • the shipment will have not been placed in an automated parcel machine on Saturday or on Sunday in the week when the additional service was purchased according to the terms and conditions

2. Implementation of service in apiv2

Implementation of changes in apiv2 will require modification in two methods.

2.1. Standard price list for shipments

( do=pricelist)

A new price list will be introduced for the service under the name endOfWeekCollection.




2.2. Creating shipments


A new parameter, called endOfWeekCollection, will be introduced:





3. Implementation of service in SHIPX

The Weekend Delivery service implementation in Shipx will include functionality described in the following sections.

3.1. Modifying the shipment object

  • adding the following parameter to the shipment object: end_of_week_collection
  • the parameter will be boolean and will accept true/false values
  • true value will mean that the additional service is chosen
  • the attribute is not required and it is false by default
  • the choice of the service will only be available in the determined time interval described in general information about the service
  • the exception format returned by API is in accordance with the current standard described in the documentation ( action?pageId=983169#id- [1.3.0]APIInformacjeog%C3%B3lne-B%C5%82%C4%99dy)


}, "end_of_week_collection":true "service": "inpost_locker_standard"


3.2. Shipment search modification


  • the Weekend delivery service can be searched by including the following filter parameter end_of_week_collection, with either true or false values
  • if the parameter is set to true, i.e. end_of_week_collection=true, only shipments with the Weekend Delivery option will be returned
  • in the absence of the filter parameter end_of_week_collection, all shipments will be returned

3.3. Modifying services


  • the web service object will be updated with the additional Weekend Delivery attribute
  • for the inpost_locker_standard service type the additional attribute will be returned with the folloing id: end_of_week_collection

3.4. Modifying shipment price conversion


  • when creating a shipment in the post method the parameter can be provided