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The resource is available only in the following countries: PL, IT

  • Return label generation is available only for courier services (excluding allegro).
  • Shipment label can be downloaded only for already bought shipments - confirmed or later status.

  • Only users that are the shipments sender can download the label.

  • For single parcel shipments a single file is returned in the following format .pdf, .epl/.epl2, .zpl,
  • For multiple shipments:
    - if shipments are the same service one file containing all shipment labels is returned
    - for different services one .zip file containing .epl/.epl2 , .zpl, .pdf files, one for each service is returned
  • maximum number of labels downloaded in one request is 100

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Access to the resource requires a valid access token.

Return label download

GET /v1/organizations/:organization_id/shipments/return_labels


ParameterTypeDescriptionValidationDefault valueAvailability
formatStringLabel formatAvailable formats: Pdf, Epl, Zpl PdfPL, IT
shipment_idsArray[Integer]Shipment identifiers


Example request

curl -X GET "[]=4257802&shipment_ids[]=4257803&format=zpl" -H 'Authorization: Bearer token' -H 'Content-Type: application/json'


file with one of the following formats is returned: .pdf/.epl/.epl2/.zpl/.zip

Error information

Errors that may occur during return label download:

  • label_generation_failed - the label could not be generated, detailed information can be found in the  message and/or details attributes.

  • label_template_not_found - label template could not be found in the system,

  • invalid_action - when trying to download the label for a shipment not yet bought - before confirmed status.

  • No labels